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Putting your arms in front of you like a traffic officer, flex your wrists and spread your fingers apart; circle both hands clockwise and then counter clockwise several times; with one hand, curl your fingers towards you as if waving an imaginary person across the street, while your other hand stops imaginary cars

Group Variation: Take turns playing traffic officer and directing each other across an imaginary street

Crosswalks that are located mid-block with or without a stop light; any crosswalk where reinforcing the pedestrian right-of-way is desirable

Suggestion: Olive St to Spring St between 7th and 8th Sts

Hold out your left hand, palm away from you, and make eye contact with the drivers in the stopped cars; walk in a diagonal line to the center of the crosswalk to your left; switch directions holding out your right hand and gaze to the right as you travel diagonally

Group Variation: Form a single file line at the curb and cross in diagonal formation with arms outstretched