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Walk freely through the room using your everyday walk; pay attention to how you choose your path and navigate objects; switch directions to walk backwards carefully; practice walking sideways to the right and left

Group Variation: In partners, take turns following one another to imitate the other's gait, rhythm and posture; this mimicry can also be practiced demurely with another pedestrian on the sidewalk

Promenade blocks with broad sidewalks and tree canopies that have varying sidewalk and crosswalk widths

Suggestion: Hope and Grand Sts from 8th to 11th Sts

Walk slowly paying attention to the sidewalk surface under your feet; notice any changes in texture or height

Group Variation: Stand side by side with a partner on the sidewalk, facing opposite directions and linking arms; one partner walks backwards while the other provides gentle guidance to communicate changes in the sidewalk; walk a block through an intersection and switch